bar service


For a minimum of 50 people, we provide absolutely everything – the setup, white linen tablecloths,  glassware, silver ice tubs, classic bar accessories, waitstaff, and waste removal. 

We have curated our wine list specifically to encourage our guests to engage with local and more obscure vineyard wines that they might not have encountered before. Natural wines are available on request for no additional fee. 

We offer a wide selection of craft been, both in bottles and cans. Due to our wide access, we have the flexibility to take your preferences into account.

As non-alcoholic options, we supply an assortment of CAPI varieties.


  • As a guide, for 50 people, we account for three standard drinks and one non alcoholic drink per guest for 2 hours of service; this is in accordance with the responsible service of alcohol, $1,550

  • 3 hours of service, $2,350 (50 pax)

  • 4 hours of service - $3,100 (50 pax)

  • An additional fee of $150 is charged for the assembly, styling, and disassembly of the bar, as well as waste removal

Things to note

  • If you would like a professional floral arrangement to further decorate your bar, please speak with us directly. We work closely with a very experienced, senior florist and can work with your budget and aesthetic preference in mind

  • Unconsumed drinks are non refundable; remaining stock will be left at the event’s location for you to keep