what differentiates Fara feasts from other grazing companies?

Honestly, so much that we don’t know where to start!

We don’t have entry and deluxe packages, because we think superior ingredients should come as standard. We have access to an incredibly vast array of products, and draw from our knowledge to curate our grazing tables in a highly considered, detail-oriented way, pairing complementary ingredients with one another.

We use crisp, white linen on all of our tables, and arrange our offerings on beautiful marble and wooden boards; this is unlike most other grazing companies, who place the food flat on butches papers or directly on a table.

We use high end cutlery and crockery throughout the tables, mostly Laguiole and Robert Gordon.

We work closely with an extraordinary senior florist, to ensure every aspect of your grazing table is perfect, and scatter candelabras and candles throughout the tables to further elevate them, aesthetically.

is Fara feasts’s kitchen registered and insured?

Yes to both. Food premises registration: Yarra Council, RPF/4839. Insured with QBE.

how long does setup take?

This varies according to the size of the grazing table/s, however, Fara Feasts staff typically arrive onsite approx. 1.5 hours prior to the event.

If your event is held offsite, Fara Feasts staff will do a site visit and liaise with the other venue staff, so they know when to expect setup and pack down to occur. This ensures everything is absolutely seamless for you!

What is included in both grazing tables?

Almost everything!

Unlike most other grazing catering companies, we don't add GST onto our final price and we don’t charge extra for disposable cutlery, tablecloths, or Sundays and public holidays. We also don’t expect you to clean the boards and return them to us.

We include white, fresh linen on all tables. All foliage and candles are included. And each guest is provided with a sturdy bamboo plate, wooden fork, and serviette.

how long can the grazing food stay out?

Grazing style food is designed to be eaten within two hours of it leaving the fridge; this is in line with food safety guidelines.

do you have gluten free and vegan options?

Yes! We want everyone to feel included, and their preferences be respected, so we don’t charge extra for them either. The majority of our vegan offerings have also been lovingly handmade.

does gst get added to the prices?


What attracts an additional cost?

We charge $150 for grazing tables that are enjoyed offsite, at a location of your choice. This is to cover delivery, assembly, styling, disassembly, collection of boards and props, and waste removal. You don’t have to do a thing - no cleaning, no returning of equipment to us!

If you opt for a professional floral arrangement/s, which we encourage especially for really special occasions like engagement parties and weddings. We can work with your budget and aesthetic preference in mind to ensure it’s perfect for your event.

who provides the liquor license and alcohol?

All alcohol is provided through Slowbeer, liquor license 31954618. We are a sibling business to Slowbeer and both operate out of 351 Smith Street, Fitzroy.

is a deposit required?

Yes, we do take a 50% deposit at the time of booking to secure your preferred date and time. The balance is due 10 days out from the date of your event. We will refund your deposit if you cancel with at least 10 days notice.

How can I make payment?

We prefer bank transfer, as this attracts no fee for our customer. However, if you would prefer to pay via credit card, the fee is 2.2%. We accept all credit cards, including American Express.

what is fara feast’s relationship to the centre of contemporary photography (ccp)?

We are completely separate businesses, but we like to be friendly with our Fitzroy neighbours and promote each others’ function spaces.

Our function space is much more cozy, with a capacity of 55.

CCP is appropriate for much larger events, like weddings. If you’re interested in knowing more about CCP’s event space, let us know, and we can make an introduction for you.