our story

Fara Feasts was born out of a passion for food and travel. Having encountered Icelandic yoghurt cheese, we were set on an exploratory path of fermentation; from cultured butter, to whey soda, and everything in between. We spent month upon month perfecting our small batch ferments, which were proudly shared with friends and family. Through the process of sharing, a dormant urge to feed others was ignited, and we lovingly laboured in the kitchen once again, this time baking sweet creations utilising our homemade dairy goods. Together, our love of fermentation and baking, form the basis of our offerings today.

One half of us, Chris, has been in the hospitality industry for over a decade, owning a number of bars in Melbourne. His experience has led to significant depth of product knowledge of both food and wine, as well as strong relationships with highly reputable suppliers. Chris loves anything weird and wonderful, and has a particular interest in natural wines and wild fermented beers.

The other half of us, Kara, has a keen sense for aesthetics and loves experimenting creatively in the kitchen. Her original recipes, many of which are gluten free and vegan, are showcased throughout Fara Feasts’ grazing offerings.

Our team is quickly growing, so you’ll likely see a range of friendly faces from Fara Feasts. However, either Kara or Chris attend all events and are there to assist on the day.

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